Welcome to the new paradigm of
Coaching Creation Wealth Generation

Let’s face it.

The coaching industry is outdated and out of alignment for many of us, and we’re all ready for something new.

Do you ever feel like you left the ‘matrix’ of your 9-5 job only to end up in another ‘matrix’ AKA the coaching industry?
Are you spending most of your time trying to “make it” as a coach by doing things you don’t really love?
Way too much time on social media…
Constantly putting out offers and programs…
Looking for clients and ways to create consistent income…
Trying to keep up with algorithms you actually couldn’t care less about…

If your hand is up, you’re definitely not alone.

Real talk

We are all collectively subscribed into a system that we don’t agree with or fully love, 
yet we continue to follow along because we feel this is the only way to make money and get our needs met. 
It’s what’s familiar and available, and we don’t see another option…
 so we acquiesce and stick around. 

That is co-dependency.

We get to take radical responsibility and own the fact we are operating from the fear of letting go and losing something that’s providing money for us even though it’s out of alignment.
We get to anchor more deeply into trust, truth and possibility.
 As with anything in life – if we don’t agree with the system we are operating within,
 then we get to build a new one.


The truth is

You have incredibly powerful gifts to share with the world and deserve to get paid well for it.
You get to receive abundantly for doing what you love without needing to compromise and fit it into a system that you don’t like.
Otherwise, what was the point of leaving the first industry you didn’t agree with?
What if there was another way of doing things?
What if you could get paid to share your gifts and build community without needing to have a coaching business at all?
Welcome to the new paradigm.


A 3-day workshop to move beyond the coaching industry as it is
and step into a new paradigm of creationgift-sharing + wealth generation

Here’s everything it includes:

Innovation + Abundance

Co-dependency in the coaching industry >> Sovereignty and power

Fitting in >> Ownership of truth

Expertise >> Embodiment

Entrepreneurship + Creativity

Selling yourself >> Getting paid for your gifts

Validation >> Creativity as inherent worth

Building business >> Building wealth

Connection + Community

Building a following >> Building a family

From short-term outcomes >> anchoring the long-term vision

From meeting micro problems >> solving big issues

This workshop is completely FREE and will be hosted inside the EMERGENCE FB group with trainings live streamed each day. You can join the trainings live on Zoom or catch the replays.

Upon completion of the workshop, 

participants will have an opportunity to join a brand new platform for gift-sharing and wealth-generation that provides an opportunity to receive abundance without needing to build a coaching business.

This is not a network marketing business or coaching program, this is a community that you get paid to be part of and build while sharing your gifts.

This is a gift-sharing economy to create abundance and amplify your mission by building community.

Welcome to the new paradigm!

I’ve brought together a few of my closest friends to support this workshop, who are world-class trainers in these topics.

About Me

Adam Rubin is a Shamanic Business Coach and the facilitator of Sacred Purpose – a 4 month group coaching program for conscious entrepreneurs to build their business from alignment + abundance. His mission is to support the new wave of leadership to embody trust and abundance in their lives, so they can create the income they desire and the impact they were brought here to make. Through combining shadow work and strategy, he is here to support entrepreneurs in creating $100k years and impacting 100k lives.

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Welcome to the new paradigm of
Coaching Creation Wealth Generation