I honestly believe that everybody could be receiving abundantly doing what they love and sharing their gifts, in fact that’s exactly what we need to shift into, and we need to do it now.

With everything going on in the world, my purpose is clear:

To support the new wave of leadership to embody trust and abundance in their lives, so they can create the income they desire and the impact they were brought here to make.
Specifically – to support entrepreneurs to create $100k+ years and impact 100k+ lives.

This vision has landed powerfully in my heart, and I’m not waiting any longer.


That’s why I created Sacred Purpose – a 4 month group coaching program for conscious entrepreneurs to build their business from alignment and abundance.

Here’s what it looks like:
You start by filling out an intake form where I get to learn all about you and your vision
You then receive a 2 hour strategy session with me, where we create a business and marketing strategy, which includes:
Clarity on your dream client and how to speak to them
Marketing strategy that draws them in, and feels authentic and aligned
Creating your offerings and brand to align with your soul
Clear vision for your business at the macro: how it operates and how your entity serves the highest impact
Readiness for the full expression needed to play at the next level; pricing and packaging
This strategy session and document is extensive, all of the people in this program who went thru it ended up with 8-12 pages of strategy. This happens before you ever even jump into the program 🙂
We then take this document and over the course of 4 months within a group coaching container you are fully supported to implement your strategy, with full support along the way where I will coach you thru the entire process – answering any questions you have regarding your business and breaking thru any limitations that may arise.

This includes:

Three group coaching calls each month with live coaching for every member (recorded on Zoom, calls go anywhere from 2-3 hours)
1:1 Messenger Support with me (Voice Note and Text)
Live trainings every week where you get all your questions answered
Backend course with step-by-step strategy and tasks (you get lifetime access to this)
Private FB group for ongoing accountability, support and coaching
Bi-weekly Breathwork Classes

Group Coaching Call

Course Backend

Live Weekly Training

1:1 Messenger Support

Group Coaching Call

Live Weekly Training

Course Backend

1:1 Messenger Support

Of course much of this

is business coaching, but what makes me unique is I started as a Transformational Coach and still am, so I integrate this alongside a process of Liberation, Creation and Expression that dives into core belief systems, foundational shadow work, and what I call creative alchemy – which is actually what supports and brings to life your creations. This is where strategy and mindset come together so you can powerfully and successfully build your business. I’m going to be taking you thru the same formula I’ve coached countless entrepreneurs with, and have personally used to build a six-figure coaching business.

In terms of your business results

you always get out what you put in. Some clients begin selling their offerings within the first month, others may launch their programs after month two or three. Everybody moves at their own pace, and will be coached accordingly. This container is highly focused and action-oriented, and it’s purpose is to bring you into mastery and financially success with your tier one offering (most people start with 1:1 coaching). However, I also assist you in creating and launching a secondary offering (i.e. mini-course) in order to generate additional income and impact as you get started.
It’s normal for clients to have $3-5k months from their initial offerings in year one, and we are working towards building $10k months to get you to $100k and up in your business.

So far in this first round for example, we have Scotty who attracted 12 new clients and more than $20k of revenue in the first 12 weeks of the program. We also have Kasia, who started her business in September when the program began and went from $500/mo to $1500/mo to $3000/mo and then $9/k in just 6 days (creating $17.5k of revenue in the first 13 weeks).

What members of the first group have to say:

While the income being generated is incredible,

these are just the financial wins. The work we are doing here is so much more than just the money; the inner transformation which is occurring and the impact that is being made is absolutely incredible – both for the participants of the program and the clients they are serving. Mindset and deep inner work is everything to me, and is a huge emphasis in this program.

It's one thing to build a business and make money

it’s another to truly step into abundance consciousness and radical self-trust. This approach honors the sensitivity and the superpowers of the person, balances the masculine and feminine energetics within a business, and tailors a unique approach to each and every person in this program. The truth is, after four years of coaching people, one thing I know for sure is that results can only be created if the approach and the actions are in alignment with the person implementing them. This is about creating a life of impact and income from a place that feels good; heart-centered and aligned with your sacred purpose.

Want more proof?

Watch these one-hour in-depth interviews with Kasia and Scotty

More Testimonials


The program is limited to 12-15 people each round

to keep the group small and intimate, as this is what creates the deepest level of transformation and allows me to put all of my energy into fully supporting each and every member, separately and collectively.

Do you hear the call?

Apply now to join the waitlist for Round 3:

Looking forward to helping you
get to $100k + 100k lives!